Find the perfect stick wall building envelope for your next project at BES

BES has always told and believed that beautifying the home does not always mean that they have to be reconstructed. However, several features can be introduced to change the feel of the home and one of them can be added by using or adding a canopy. These days, canopies serve multiple intents. These are no longer planned to be used for shade, but they are also intended to contribute to the building’s beautification.

BES has comprehensive canopy designs available with them, and we suggest that you pick unique and beautiful canopy or make your home look more elegant, attractive and harmonious in keeping with the outside of the building.

Canopies are an excellent way of creating an intimate space. The canopy can be embedded in many ways. It is possible to install canopies all around the bed for the bedroom. A canopy can be hung in a child’s bedroom to set off a peaceful reading area. The bed stands out by a canopy draped over a pillow in a contrasting colour to the walls of the bedroom.

Lately, everyone is gushing over the feel of a conventional canopy bed. It looks simple yet beautiful and modern. However, there is no disputing that canopy not only does enrich the elegance of your room. It also enhances the exterior of the building. A canopy can be incorporated in many ways to change the vibe of the building.

With BES around, you can quickly reshape the space into something functional and attractive. We take a more in-depth look at it as well as we bring many alternatives to the desk. Canopy is one way of turning a dingy unfinished room into an appealing and relaxed additional space. We do this by implementing our knowledge in building science and system design to the Interior design.

If you are searching for a modern canopy design for a home, your quest ends at BES.

At the lead of the latest industry norms, we deliver outstanding building envelope systems and facade engineering consultant assistance to advance the quality and performance of the buildings.

We take great pride in our excellent team of highly creative, enthusiastic experts, which includes designers, engineers and pioneering artists. Whether through collaborations or our very own services, they are always at your service throughout Dubai. When you see our work, you will know how we are able to withstand in this business for a long time and surfaced as a prime resource for bespoke canopies of all types.