Metal Cladding

Explore the infinite design possibilities of Metal Cladding at BES

What is a building without a great design? The design adds distinctiveness in the beauty of the building. That is why BES is on a mission to make your building attractive, beautiful and at the same time fill it with a whole lot of positive vibes.

We enable our architects and designers to install distinctive design possibilities for building. And, one such design possibility is Metal Cladding.

Metal Cladding has embraced the twists and turns of architecture for decades. BES has hugged metal cladding for its flexibility and finish. The influence is mainly due to its exceptional versatility, both out - off-the-shelf and avant-garde.

When you are choosing BES, for Metal Cladding façade, you are checking right many desirable benefits. One among them is- Cost Saving. While we make sure not to burn a hole in your pocket, you can also rest assured with the functionality of the façade.

The other primary benefit of choosing BES for your building façade development is its resilience. We combine the right material with well-considered detailing that help your structure last for years, decades or even more.

Moreover, before installing any system in your building, our testing department conducts tests to verify the compatibility of the system. Only when the material passes all the tests from durability, winds, thermal resistance, to stand against environmental changes, we take the final step.

Metal cladding system

Some of the most widely utilized metal cladding systems at BES is as follows:


BES Cassette design is an ideal choice for large cladding areas. The cassette method can be practised with large panels up to 13 feet in length.

Flatlock and shingle

For a beautiful bend on the flat lock system, BES creates a sheared metal façade using panels enveloped into interconnecting tile patterns.

Standing seam

Standing Seam is one of the most recognized systems for building envelope.  It gives a sleek architectural exterior and allows robust folded connections between each panel.


Snaplock is an alternative to StandingSeam. Snaplock at BES is designed to provide low fuss installation.


Interlocking Metal cladding system can be detailed to run vertically, horizontally or even diagonally as per the client specification.


If not of the above system fits your requirement, an expert at BES develops a bespoke design by altering the system already in use or by designing something completely new.

Get in touch with us!

There is a practically endless variety of finishes for metal cladding façade — connect with us to find the perfect one for your project. You can drop us a mail at specifying your requirement. Our team will reach you at the earliest with all the design possibilities.


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