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Skylights can radically change the vibe of a room. They do not just let in more light that is natural; they also form an even more open feel of the place. By incorporating glass to a low roof, you can make it feel higher, seeing the sky through a high ceiling gives it the aura of being part of outdoor space.

A window above your bed enables you to stare at the galaxy or passing clouds, and one above a dining room may have you eating underneath the trees. There are dozens of ways to enjoy a skylight into your home, and we at BES have put together our efforts that present the possibility of opening up a modern living in your living space with your most favoritei nstallations.

At BES,we accommodate all sorts of skylight needs depending on what is best for the structure of the building. Our long-standing experience and our team’s competence serve to bring out the intended results. If the skylights you are planning are for the outside only, our team has the required skills to propose the alternatives that are better suited to the house.

BES skylights come in a variety of models, some with an automatic detachable shade covering the glass and others with the ability to open the windows.

There are plenty of reasons for feeling confident to incorporate BES skylights to your home. The motive of skylight flashing is to maintain as much moisture on the exterior of the roofing material as possible. BES skylight flashing kits are built to shed water without depending on sealants, which can break down overtime and inflict roof damage.

We are delighted to nerd-out with you on the specifics of this valuable skylight installation technique. Quality is fundamental, which gives BES clients the trust that the skylights will not leak. With properly mounted flashing, we put an end to the risk of water leakage that can cause significant damage that might or might not be evident promptly.

BES skylight flashing prevents your roof and home beneath from structural problems that no homeowner wants to put up with, like gunk, rust, and mold growth. Your skylight would eventually be weatherproof and worry-free.

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