Stone Cladding

Find the perfect stick wall building envelope for your next project at BES

Our clients always ask us whether building design is essential or not?

According to designers, it takes only 10 seconds to someone to decide whether they like the building design or not just from what is looks from the outside.

We understand that clients have a different requirement when it comes to designing the face of their building. As a leading façade specialist in UAE, BES offers a complete range of façade services, from design conception through to facade completion.

We currently convey different types of building façade, including stone cladding. The demand for stone cladding is moving fast. It is a great way to enhance the exterior and interior of your space with a traditional aesthetic touch. There are different types of stone cladding stones available at BES.

We house sandstone tiles, black slate tiles, black umbra tiles, and whitestone tiles, to name a few. All these are designed to make your décor look good and perform until eternity. They are easy to install and stand up the climatic changes, making it the most preferred décor for your house. Each stone and design helps to create a space, which is easy to maintain.

Each stone for stone cladding has endured the test of water, climate, lighting, air, and dust. Stone cladding is not restricted to commercial use only. They can be installed to design the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and dining of any personal and residential space. Stone cladding has the potential to change the vibes of the place.

Coming up with the designs for your building may prove to be a difficult job for you as it should complement other aspects of the building as well. The best thing, in this case, you can do is to hire BES professionals. We have a team of highly qualified professionals, with years of experience working on many different and varied projects.

Our expert team utilizes all the latest software and 3D design systems for designing an appropriate design that matches the expectations and interior of our client’s infrastructure and compliments the surrounding.

From managing a new-build to rectifying an existing one, or restoring a piece of architectural history, you can confidently depend on our facade engineering expertise.

If you need, any help regarding exterior and interior designs or contracting services in UAE, never wait to reach to us. We will happily serve you in this interest.