Unitized Curtain Wall

BES brings the architects’ vision to life through innovative facade consulting, design and engineering services

Building Envelope System (BES), the team of an innovative façade engineering consultant, has developed an independent reputation in Dubai. We offer one of the premier glazing systems, building envelope system, serving the modern contract glazing and architectural industries.

Many design options, profiles, and finishes are available for unitized façade with us. Our progressive curtain wall systems provide a vanguard blend of design and display. We use aluminium for exterior frames, which is extremely durable, robust to humidity and decay, and 100% recyclable.

Our bespoke Curtain Wall design integrates transparent hangings with a set or operable glazing systems, opaque panels for single or multi-tiered applications. We incorporate opening features, such as top-hung windows or parallel opening windows that can also be motorized for easy use. It is also possible to install sun-screening devices, spandrel panels, and other infill frames in our designs as per specific requirements.

You can save time and installation costs with our high performing bespoke unitized curtain wall systems. They arrive thoroughly assembled, coated and offer many amalgams of silicon glazing, thermic breaks and isolators.


We provide extensive support, advice to everyone who visits us. The research and development team at BES provides technical and physical support. They check the location, capacity, and perform all the necessary test before bringing the talks to work.

We follow the latest trends, designs, standards, rules, and regulations to stay abreast with the technological advancements and provide the customer with the most advanced product on the market.

We use state-of-the-art facilities, and technology, assuring clients receive a product that suffices their specifications. A perfectly organized shipping facility guarantees timely product delivery. You can trust our methodological process to meet the shipping requirement safely and quickly.

Get in touch with us now by dialling +971 (4) 425 5985. You can also drop us a mail at info@bess.ae!

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