Cable Support System

BES firmly believes building design is a modern way of thinking about how we design and construct buildings.

Building Design is away of reflecting the building as a fully functioning system rather than merely the sum of multiple parts. Moreover, one of the building designs, cable systems, has inspired and attracted people for many decades.

Today, cable structures are known as unique and innovative architectural solutions that build new and striking forms while enclosing large spaces and creating new opportunities for transparency and natural light design.  

BES has different types of cable-supported systems, and they are divided into two types of structures, cable-suspended and cable-stayed. The enclosed cables are the main supporting components of the network in cable-suspended systems, and their shape is a significant factor in the system’s load-carrying ability. Cables support vertical or sloped compression components in cable-stayed structures and function as tension-only components.

To guarantee that cables are correctly installed and that the length of the cable has not changed, BES designers ensure that the cables are shipped and installed on the cable with a removable longitudinal stripe that clearly defines the correct orientation of the cable installation.

Cables from the BES workshop are transported on reels with enough diameters to avoid bending and loss of pre-stretching effects to make sure that the cables arrive at the project site in an optimal condition. At the site, cables are also protected and handled in a manner that prevents cables from being kinked or other damage.

The cable system is a complex structural system requiring unique considerations in design. For resisting large and varying roof loads, BES uses flexible tension-only members. Cable-stayed systems can also be used to create dramatic and inspiring structures that encompass large volumes of column-free spaces and still provide unique opportunities for freedom of architectural design.

The key to the success of BES building design is an integrated design process whereby owners, managers, tenants, architects, designers, contractors, and suppliers from the very beginning engage in the design and construction cycle of the structure.

BES is available to provide excellent façade engineering consultant services, guidance, and suggestions on cable system design. We focus on several aspects, including model designs, requirements guidelines, unique design criteria, material properties, fittings, protective coatings, and cable structures manufacturing and erection.

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